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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about our pest control services and the job we'll complete at your home or business.


Below is a group of the most frequently asked questions about our pest control services and the activities we’ll undertake at your home or business.

Absolutely. We use chemicals that have very low mammalian toxicity – which means they are very safe for cats, dogs, kids etc. We use our products in the strictest and safest way.

The products we use are designed to be non-allergenic. However, for peace of mind, people with allergies or asthma may want to avoid being home during servicing.

Good question –with a professional pest manager in Pied Piper Pest Control, you can trust you have expertise through years of training (in London, Melbourne & Tasmania) and experience to know prevention is better than cure!

AJ is trained to recognise the early signs of potential pest problems or infestations, which the householder could miss. AJ uses the latest, cutting edge products – unlike the generic, often ineffective products available at the supermarket or hardware store.

Simple! Experience counts. With over 20-years working in the Pest Control industry in the UK, Victoria & Tasmania, AJ has the skills, knowledge, experience to tackle just about any pest you can throw at him!

This depends on many factors including accessibility of the home, type of vegetation, trees, bushes, garden, water sources in or near the house, whether your neighbours have had pest control treatment, the aspect of your house.

The treatments usually last 6-12months depending on these mentioned factors. The homeowner’s tolerance of pest activity also plays a part – for some people 1 ant or spider is too many, for others the odd pest is acceptable.

This depends on factors such as; weather conditions, types of vegetation nearby, the condition/style of your property, whether your neighboring properties also received treatment, and your tolerance to some pests.

Usually, having your domestic property treated every 6-12months is sufficient. However, more frequent visits may be required for commercial properties such as cafes and restaurants.

We treat the inside and outside of your home, and any safely accessible areas such as roof/ceiling/sub-floor, garages/sheds, cubby house, cars. We can even treat your woodpile. Just ask!

This depends on the size and style of your home, or business. The more accessible areas such as roof space and under the house, the easier it is to treat.


Despite our quality treatments and expert servicing, it is impossible to find all the hiding spots for pests.

We offer a 6-month warranty for internal residential general pest treatments, (as we do need to let insects exist in their natural outside environment), and 3-month warranty for commercial general pest treatments. 

We do not charge for being called back within the first 6weeks.

This varies on the size of the house/building, accessible areas – but usually between 1-1.5hours.

A basic tidy of the inside of your home such as toys, shoes, a clothes etc. is sufficient. But there is no need to mover furniture or heavy items.

Also, please remove any washing from your clothesline, and close all your windows.

Interestingly, spiders will often eat their webs. So it is best to leave them in place for 10-14 days post-treatment. This way, the spiders will then ingest the product – maximizing effectiveness.

This is a good thing! It takes time to flush out pests from the cracks, crevices and wall voids. Our products are designed to actually let the bugs survive for a time, usually 7-10 days before they become active. This allows the product to be shared among other members of the nest. That way we treat the disease, and not the symptom.

Unfortunately, it may seem that the pest problem is getting worse before it gets better. But please do not hesitate to contact Pied Piper Pest Control if you have any concerns.

Yes, this will often prevent the outside of your home being sprayed. We will discuss the best options with you.

No, the modern-day treatments do not usually require airborne spraying. However, for people affected by allergies or asthma, vacating the premises just while the treatment is being performed is sensible